Jag forsoker hjalpa Ryans bror Jamison att launcha hans forsta bok och jag behover er hjalp! Klicka pa linken nedan, ga in och "gilla" (like) hans sida!! TUSEN TACK! Hans mal ar att fa 200 likes sa ni far jattegarna sprida order och fa era vanner att ga och gilla! Han tycker det ar coolt om han kan fa en svensk fan base. Det vore verkligen TOPPEN om ni kunde kopiera linken fran min facebook sida och lagga ut den pa er sida!!


The facts are these.

Jamison was born and raised in Wisconsin. His earliest inclination to become a writer lies somewhere between reading Wilson Rawls’ “Where the Red Fern Grows” and Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.” He’s worked as a janitor, a painter, a tour guide, a deliveryman, a gymnastics coach, a Peace Corps Volunteer, and a copy editor. Several years were spent teaching and traveling across Asia. Another handful of years living in Alaska in a cabin with no indoor plumbing. Here he earned a master’s degree in writing and the farthest-north record in Ms. Pacman. Jamison now lives in New Mexico and edits reports concerning the disposal of spent plutonium.

What happened next was this.

Twenty years ago, a scientist fell through a sinkhole where radioactive waste was buried. This scientist saw hundreds of jars dusted with an unknown white powder before being pulled to safety. It was a well-documented incident, but when excavation began last year, all of these jars had mysteriously disappeared. Jamison’s realization was startling. This is the closest he’d come to plot development in his professional life.

So he got his act together.

His first novel, “Downing of the Wild,” chronicles a young flying squirrel’s journey to reawaken the wildness and imagination in his forest. Bloodthirsty crows, vengeful princes, and a falcon conspiracy that might bring about the destruction of the woodlands, “Downing of the Wild” represents a return to the books that made Jamison want to be a writer in the first place.


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